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My Books

I have written books in several genres both fiction and non-fiction. See below for details of a couple of my works.

The Writer’s ABC Checklist

By Lorraine Mace & Maureen Vincent-Northam

Regardless of the writer's level or ability, there is something extremely daunting about putting together a submission.


It doesn't matter if it is for an article for a magazine, or short story for a competition, a humorous anecdote, a play or TV script, a novel or non-fiction book, "The Writer's ABC Checklist" will provide answers to questions you didn't even know you should ask.


With its A-Z format, references can be found quickly and effortlessly. Unfamiliar terms are explained and bullet points at the end of most sections provide a quick reminder of the main items covered. This unique book is packed with writing tips and is something no aspiring writer can afford to be without.

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Black Dog’s Treasure

In a cave on Beacon Island, Jessie's dog digs up a hidden message from the mysterious 'Captain' that hints at buried treasure.


Who is the Captain, why are Jessie and her friends being followed by an old galleon, and will they solve the strange riddles that lead them to the booty?


Approx. reading age 7-11

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 - Anthologies -

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